Seasons Greetings!

... and a Happy New Year from Alan, Christine and the team at PH Digital. But don't just watch the video - if you have an Oculus rift handy, download our VR Xmas card and explore it for yourself.

30.12.2017 We've updated our seasonal VR experience with new content to celebrate the coming New Year. You can download from the link below.

Coming soon for Samsung Gear VR!

You just need a headset - no buttons. Full instructions are at your feet when you start. Close button in the corner or key ALT-F4 to exit when you've finished.


ZIP Archive
54MB Download the file, follow the Installation Instructions and see the Minimum Requirements below.
No Oculus?
If there's a project you have in mind but would like to see a demo, get in touch and we can arrange to bring the VR to you.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the ZIP file from the link above
  2. Right-click the downloaded ZIP file and select Extract All...
  3. Click the Extract button
  4. You will now have a folder called PHD-Oculus-Xmas-2017
  5. Double click the folder to open it if it has not automatically opened
  6. Ensure your Oculus Rift is connected and calibrated
  7. Double click PHD-Oculus-Xmas-2017.exe to start the demo (if you can't see the .exe part of the name, it's the one with the orange icon)
  8. Depending on your security levels set in Windows, you may get a warning about an unknown executable. If you do, click the more info link and then click the run anyway button
  9. Click the close button in the top right of the window or press Alt+F4 to exit the demo

Minimum Requirements

  • MS Windows 7 or later with latest service packs installed
  • Intel i5 processor or equivalent
  • NVidia 1050ti or equivalent
  • 8GB RAM, 4GB Video RAM
  • Oculus Rift headset
  • Active internet connection

More details on Oculus system requirements here.

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