VR for Marketing

New Technologies, New Engagements

Brands love new ways to deliver messages, and the latest generation of VR is providing that right now.

VR reappeared as mobile devices became capable of delivering the images, but the latest version of Oculus Rift, the DK2, is a whole (virtual) world apart.

This new, high fidelity delivery allows us to create richer VR experiences with a greater level of comfort for the users.

Currently, the saturation of VR hardware is very low. This makes it novel and enticing as something to try. This particularly suits it to managed use at congress or events, where a marketeer can provide help getting people into the headset and get them started. Once done, well crafted VR experiences lead the user without needing any further help. The nature of the engagement delivered is memorable.

Memorable Experiences

Getting your message across involves ensuring the user understands and retains it.

The novelty factor helps us encourage users to engage, but the rich visual nature delivers a strong message.

This is what VR for marketing does best. Rich visual and audio interactive experiences that offer strong engagement and great message retention.

Analytics, Data Capture and Smart Experiences

VR isn't just a closed experience. We can use data capture modules that we've developed to tie in-VR actions onto non-VR interactive experiences elsewhere. For example, we can take the user through a VR experience that asks them to make treatment choices for a virtual patient. These actions can be measured in realtime and used to show changing opinions out side VR in the interactice elements elsewhere on the stand.

Custom Build Message Delivery

PH Digital will create a VR experience that matches your brand identity and delivers you messages in a retained, reinforced and measurable way. Contact us to find out more about what we can do and how to start a project.

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