Oculus Rift

New VR development services from PHD

Virtual Reality (VR) has certainly been making a splash across the news, and not just for gaming.

We think [virtual and augmented reality have] the potential to transform how we interact with almost every industry today, and we think it will be equally transformative both from a consumer and an enterprise perspective.

— Heather Bellini | Goldman Sachs Research | Feb 2016

The new headset and controller technologies that have reached the marketplace are able to deliver compelling and engaging immersive experiences, none more so than the Oculus Rift.

As someone who is fairly resistant to technology -- who still reads books on paper, and doesn’t even Snapchat -- I’m often skeptical of emerging technologies’ impact. But not about virtual reality, not anymore. It’s already getting cheaper and more sophisticated. Once it goes mainstream, it won't just change how we consume entertainment. It will change how we live.

— Laura Entis | Fortune Magazine | Jan 2017

At PHD we’re very pleased to announce that we can now offer bespoke VR development services for use with Oculus Rift.

Whilst the technology isn’t in everyone’s homes (yet), headset based VR provides a reliable method for driving footfall and extending engagement duration at congresses and events.

The comparative rarity of the technology means that attendees are interested in the new experience it offers, and this gives brands and their partners the opportunity to create the content that will meet this interest and deliver a suitably compelling experience.

That’s where we come in. We’ll work with you to plan and deliver the right experience to your audience. Want to know more? Contact us to talk it through.

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