How we work

We use the project management solutions you'd expect: JIRA or Redmine for project management, GIT and GitHub to safely manage code. Development and staging servers to develop and test the code we create.

Being agile

Whilst we can follow the traditional waterfall development model (specify, design, develop, test, deliver), we favour working in an agile way.

Agile development follows a different develop/test/deliver cycle. We deliver work in repeated 1-2 weekly sprints, with tested functionality delivered at the end of each sprint. This gives a progressive exposure of the completed functionality rather than everything coming in one go at the end of the project.

For either delivery methodology it is important to schedule time to review the completed work and promptly provide and feedback.

Expertise to fit your business environment

Whilst we can work with you in the traditional ways - either consultancy, retained or on a project basis, we can also work as a virtual team / white-label team. We can work with your staff and other partner agencies and present as part of your business both internally and externally.

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